We Provide the Following Services

The Prospero Group partners strategically with the best donor development, financial planning, public relations, marketing and development communications experts in the industry to help ensure that our clients reach the highest level of philanthropy possible and steward their funds effectively.

Capital Campaign Planning and Oversight

Embarking on a capital campaign is a significant step for a non-profit organization involving a certain amount of risk and a large investment of resources. The Prospero Group takes an organization through the appropriate steps to help mitigate any risk and ensure an optimum return on their investment. These steps can be offered in whole or in part and include:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Feasibility studies & benchmarking
  • Campaign case development
  • Pre-campaign planning
  • Campaign oversight

Face-to-Face Solicitation Training

An organization’s best gifts are secured through personal contact. We offer training in the art and science of closing major gifts, with tools, tips and techniques to secure substantial support for an organization.

Strategic Development Program Planning

A development program is positioned for success when it invests appropriate resources and time into planning and evaluation. The Prospero Group offers:

  • Development program assessments
  • Fundraising strategic & annual planning
  • Major & planned giving program design

For some organizations, it’s just a matter of addressing a particular area of a development program or fine-tuning a process for securing philanthropic support. We provide functional support in the following areas:

  • Grant funding
  • Annual fund management & production
  • Prospect profiling & wealth screening
  • Evaluating & recommending fundraising technology
  • Staff mentoring

Board Development

A strong governing body that values the importance of philanthropic leadership is critical to a non-profit organization’s future. The Prospero Group provides the tools to support the evolution and growth of an organization’s board of directors, including:

  • Board evaluation & assessment
  • Board governance education
  • Philanthropic leadership training
  • Board solicitation training

Coaching and Mentoring

Newly-hired fundraising managers or those promoted from within face a learning curve when preparing for a new role at an organization. Existing managers may have gaps in their experience that need to be addressed. The Prospero Group team can provide personalized guidance grounded in their own experience and suited to the needs of the manager and the organization.

Speaking and Training

The right speaker can make all the difference. The Prospero Group provides speaking and training presentations and interactive workshops for all skill levels, for lay and executive leadership and staff.

Topics include:

  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • The "Art of the Ask" - solicitation training
  • Building a development program
  • Moves management - major donor relationship building
  • Preparing for a campaign