The Prospero Group counsels non-profit boards of directors, executive leaders, and fundraising staff in effective strategies and tactics for securing philanthropic support and developing powerful leadership. Our work ethic and philosophy are driven by the following guiding principles:

  • We adhere to scrupulous principles of confidentiality, and promise only those outcomes that we believe to be achievable and appropriate.
  • We believe that we can learn from each client, and that no two organizations call for the same approach or solutions.
  • We seek and create reciprocal partnerships with each client, in which the client’s needs and growth guide and inform us as consultants.
  • We welcome and provide quantitative and qualitative evaluations of our services and outcomes.
  • We believe that the non-profit sector, more than any other, distinguishes our society and provides a beacon of hope and compassion for the world. It is a privilege to serve it.